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Our mission is to help SMBs like yours to increase their revenues with the web. Wether its Organic Search (SEO), Google AdWords Advertising (PPC) or Facebook Advertising, LeadX's approach aims to increase your SMB's performance in its market.

Adults in Quebec spend around 6.5 billion dollars online every year, while only 12.3% of businesses sell their products online.
Indice du commerce électronique au Québec - Volet entreprises 2015

We Are All About Results

An advertising campaign can only be efficient if the results can be mesured. Our goal is to increase your revenues, so we make sure each web marketing tactic is measured and monitored for this purpose.

We Want The Same Outcome: Grow Your Business

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Talk to us about your business challenge, and we will tell you right away how web marketing could help you out.

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If our findings and proposition resonate with you, let's discuss how much you are willing to pay to reach your business objectives.

Upon agreement, let's get your web marketing efforts rolling and monitor the positive outcome.

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Trusting LeadX with our Online Marketing has been one of the best moves we did for our company. Their professionalism and expertise have allowed us to have better than expected results.
President, Ombrasole
From day one, LeadX assessed our business challenges and found the perfect strategies to put in place. With limited budget, they have successfully increased our sales and grown our online visibility.
Co-Owner, L'Ecurie