Local SEO

How can Local SEO help you out?

As a SMB owner, you need to let Google know where you are located. With Local SEO, your business will show up in local results when users are looking for a company near them. This is one of the best occasion to reach high purchase intent users that are physically close to your store!

Here is why you should do Local SEO with us for your SMB

Low investments

One of the advantages of Local SEO is that it doesn't need extended financial resources. Our team helps you grow your online local visibility with a limited budget.

Increased overall SEO impact

Google treats local search results and organic search results distinctively. We can help you work your SEO on both angles to duplicate the results!

In-store sales growth

According to Google, local search leads 50% of mobile users to store, and 18% of local searches end up in sales. We help you create a place for your business amongst the local results, and increase your in-store revenues.

Highly qualified prospects

Web users that are looking near them most likely want to take action; you have to be there when they do. They are qualified users, very valuable for your company.

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